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Of all the natural yarns in the world silk has the most mystique surrounding it. Light, warm, soft and strong it has been treasured over millennia by countless civilisations. Our range of wholesale silk pashmina scarves and silk scarves for women are made from a raw unprocessed yarn in northern Thailand and represent silk in its simplest, most beautiful form. The yarn is spun by hand and used without any refinement. There are many slubs and irregularities in the yarn which lends an organic natural look to the finished product. Silk has many extraordinary qualities; in winter it will keep you warm but in summer it won't over heat you, and it absorbs dye like no other fibre resulting in deep vibrant colours and a wonderful sheen. Each scarf comes individually packaged in a presentation bag and has an attractive label. If you sell silk scarves and want to develop your own colour range in Thai silk we can also arrange this. York Scarves is one of the UK's premier suppliers of silk wraps and pashminas and has thousands of wholesale silk scarves for sale. Choose from either our silk pashmina wraps or our smaller two tone silk neck scarves. For a more rustic earthy look see our TSR range.