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Published: 26/04/2013

A short history of weaving

A short history of weaving

Weaving is the primary means of making the fabrics we use in all walks of life. In simple terms weaving is a process in which two sets of threads, or yarns are interlaced at ninety degrees to each other to form a fabric or cloth. The long threads which run through the length are known as the warp, and the lattitudinal threads which run across and are interloccked by the warp are called the weft. It is the way in which the warp and weft are interwoven which give the fabric its characteristics. The most common styles of basic weaving are plain, twill and satin weave. There are many variations within each of these styles.

Most textiles are woven on a loom. In simple terms this is a device which holds the warp yarns in place while the weft, or filling threads are interlaced at right angles to them.

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