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Purple Scarves, Purple Pashminas and Purple Silk Scarves

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Purple scarf

A purple scarf brings the perfect finishing touch to any wardrobe. Aside from adding an element of style to a basic outfit, they’re also very practical. Depending on the season or the outfit, you may want to opt for one style over another. Therefore we have a range of purple scarves made from many different materials to suit all styles and budgets. Whether the calendar says it’s autumn, spring, winter or summer, a purple scarf is always a tasteful and wise choice to add to your wardrobe.

From cool silk scarves to cosy shawls, York Scarves have a wealth of purple scarves for you to browse at your leisure. Whether you’re layering up on the knits or donning bandanas, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Wearing a scarf is a simple and affordable way to revamp any outfit. Why not pair it with a blank canvas of jeans and a white tee shirt? Or maybe with a little black dress or a wedding outfit?

Whether you want a classic purple scarf, a large purple shawl or a fair-trade purple Pashmina, our wide range of scarves for women and men has something for everyone all at great prices. Hand made and beautifully warm, wrap up this season in one of our must-have scarves.

Why choose a Purple Scarf?

Whilst we have an array of shades and tones to choose from, purple remains one of our most popular colours. But what makes purple scarfs so special?

The colour purple combines the calm stability and relaxation of the colour blue with the fierce energy and intensity of the colour red. Together they make the brilliant colour of purple which is the perfect balance of these two primary colours.

Purple scarves or purple shawls can often be seen as a statement of independence. Purple is not a primary colour therefore it can often be perceived as a sign of fusing the mundane with the innovative.

This colour of material is often associated with royalty and luxury. This is because purple dye used to be precious and expensive. As you are aware, purple is not visible in nature. Consequently purple dye could not be made naturally and had to be produced synthetically.

As time went by, clothing and dyes developed and the first purple dye came into existence in 1900 BC. These early dies took around 12,000 shellfish to extract 1.5g of the dye. As a result, only kings, emperors or privileged individuals could afford to have purple garments and shawls. Now they have become a lot more affordable and are available for all to purchase from our extensive range at York Scarves!

So why not treat yourself like royalty and buy one of our luxurious purple scarves today? All yours at close to wholesale prices. And, if after reading this, you decide that purple isn't your colour, we have a range of other styles in our extensive scarf collection.

Add an Element of Style to any Wardrobe

From Queen Nefertiti in Ancient Egypt, Emperors in China and even Queen Victoria, scarves have been always been a popular fashion item for the well to do. However it wasn't until the 19th century that scarves became a popular fashion accessory for the average person in the street. Since then they have progressed massively after experimentation with different fabrics and dyes. Now, scarves remain a staple accessory for both fashion and function.

Scarves are available in a range of materials including silk, cloth, cashmere, pashmina, chiffon, cotton, muslim and wool. And its not just the types of material that scarves are made of that has changed. Its also the availability of colours and prints. Today, fashion designers around the world produce custom scarves; beautiful embellished designs printed onto fabulous handwoven silk scarves. I'm sure we're all in no doubt that scarves will continue to be at the forefront of fashion for many years into the future.

A good scarf is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your look, so tie up your style with a beautifully delicate item from our women's scarf collection.

What types of Purple Scarves do you sell?

We have an extensive range of men's and women's scarves on offer to both the general public and through our wholesale channels. They make an ideal accessory or a gift for any occasion and include:

Pashmina scarves

Perfect for pairing with occasionwear or to simply put a refined finish on your outerwear collection, a purple pashmina or cashmere is an extremely versatile staple for any fashion conscious wardrobe. We carry a huge range of plain and patterned pashminas in a wide range of fabrics, weights and textures all in stock for immediate delivery.

Cotton purple shawls

These stylish accessories are not only comfortable and cozy. They also have the potential to transform an entire outfit with minimal effort. Our shawls are made from very fine cotton and viscose pieces woven together down the centre but open at the sides giving plenty of options for experimentation in how they are worn.

Silk purple scarves

The silk scarf, or ladies neck scarf, is one of those never-out-of-style accessories that always comes in handy. At York Scarves we sell a range of scarves in various types of silk, all of which have their own distinct characteristics. Our Thai Silk Scarves are known the world over and are made from a completely raw and unprocessed yarn. Another raw silk scarf we sell is made by our hand loom weavers in North India. The silk used is much heavier than the yarn used for Thai Silk making this more of a luxury silk scarf. As part of our range of digitally printed scarves we also have some Japanese Habotai Silk Scarves with artwork designed in house. And lastly, we have a range of luxury silk scarves made in a satin weave. Off all silk’s, satin is probably the most lustrous and luxurious, and expensive.

Tartan scarves

Tartan is a design in which fabrics are woven with groups of different coloured threads running across the weft and through the warp to create a checked, or plaid pattern. These designs have been around for many centuries and are closely associated with Scotland, and to a lesser extent Ireland, Wales and several other countries. Our tartan scarves are not only fantastic quality but also at great affordable prices! Woven from soft, high quality pure cotton thread in a classic twill weave, a purple tartan scarf is perfect to give as a gift or ideal to wrap around yourself on those chilly days!

So why not throw on a scarf and transform an everyday outfit into a statement one. Choose a plain purple one or go for a printed style for an on-trend twist.

Why buy your scarf from York Scarves?

York Scarves are a family run business based on the outskirts of York, England. We're passionate about our products, bringing a unique and diverse range of high quality scarves to the market at some of the most affordable prices in the country. We specialise in the weaving and supply of wholesale scarves, pashminas and shawls from India and Thailand.

As a fair trade business, we work very closely with our suppliers, ensuring that the scarves produced match our very exacting quality standards. From the raw materials to the finished product, we make sure every step conforms to best practises. Each year we visit our weavers and workers in India and work with them in all the processes involved in bringing our fantastic scarves to you.

Our aim is to bring to the market a unique and diverse range of well made fair trade wholesale scarves at realistic prices and to prove that quality is not a forgotten word, and neither does it need to cost the earth. York Scarves is BAFTS registered and a recognised fair trade business. Consequently, purchasing a York scarf, whether it be pashmina or silk, supports a sustainable employment model. You’ll never feel more luxurious or better about a purchase!

Our obsessive nature with regard to quality means that we never introduce a line unless we know it is simply the best quality, meaning you can buy in confidence. Each has its own special qualities, but all are exquisite to the touch.

Our online scarf shop provides free, next day UK delivery so you can be sure to get your fabulous new scarf as soon as possible.


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