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At York Scarves we carry a wide range of plain scarves for women. Some, like our large plain pashmina scarf, are piece dyed a single colour making the perfect accessory for formal events, or equally as an easy wearing day to day fashion accessory. Piece dying simply means that the item is dyed in its entirety as a single piece, so the scarf or shawl is one colour right through. If you are looking for cream pashminas for weddings this is the one for you and with a huge range of colours to choose from you are bound to find something. These are also great as evening shawls and wraps for that special night out. We find of all the colours for a bridal shawl the best sellers are silver pashminas, ivory pashminas and white pashminas.

We also have our custom dyed range of pure silk scarves and a range of silk wraps in our range of plain un-patterned scarves. These handmade silk scarves and wraps are dip dyed by our partner in Thailand to our specification. They are made on traditional handlooms in a rural environment from a totally raw silk yarn. The yarn is pulled from the cocoon of the silk worm and from there the yarns are spun into a thread which is used to make the scarf. Usually the yarn when spun will consist of between three and six strands of silk fibre and this is called the ply rating. We always use a minimum of five ply which gives our scarves that extra touch of quality and makes them very much more useable. It is the raw unprocessed nature of the yarn that gives our pure silk scarves for women their wonderful character. Each piece is full of irregularities yet still retains the glorious sheen and softness that we associate with silk scarves.

Another variety of dip dyed scarves and pashminas are our Ombrey style scarves and multi coloured pashminas. This method of creating a simple 2 colour or 3 coloured scarf is effective and the process is simple. The scarf is folded in such a way that one half of the scarf can be dipped in the dye tub at a time. Depending on the colours used a third colour can be used to over-dye one of the original colours thus creating a tri coloured scarf. Getting the third colour right can be a challenge as the result of over-dyeing can be unpredictable. To see an example, have a look at our “Ombrey Style” pashminas.

Whatever type of plain scarf or pashmina you want we hope you will find it here. Plain scarves are so easy to wear and do not clash with other patterns in an outfit allowing the wearer to just add a splash of suitable colour or tone to compliment his or her look. Most of our plain scarves and pashminas are thick enough to be used as a hijab as well.

York Scarves has been in the scarf business for over 14 years and as a scarf wholesaler has built a strong reputation for offering a quality fair trade product at a realistic price. If you want to become a stockist of our range please follow the link below for wholesale enquiry form.


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