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Striped scarves, pashminas, shawls and wraps.

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There are many ways of creating a pattern in a woven fabric but probably the easiest and the oldest use of patterning was in striped scarves. It is also a design style that can be used for striped scarf men’s or striped scarves for women.  This is without doubt the simplest weaving technique that results in a pattern. There are of course many variations that can be achieved this way. If you want a striped scarf pattern to run through the length of the scarf this requires all of the warp threads to be arranged on the warping drum in the correct density and order of individual colours. If you are looking to weave two hundred scarves each of six feet, then the length of yarn loaded onto the warping drum would need to be a minimum of twelve hundred feet. The setting up of the warp is a skilled and very time consuming job and can take ten to fourteen days per production run. Once all the yarn is loaded onto the warping drum it is transferred to the warp roller which is then placed on the upstream side of the loom. The more colours there are in the design the more complicated and costly the process becomes. As the warp threads are pulled through the loom the weft yarn, which runs at 90 degrees to the longitudinal warp is woven through and interlocked with them. The weft thread will usually be a plain single colour but whatever colour it is it will create an overall colour cast on the scarf. Usually the colour chosen for the weft will be identical to one of the warp colours and this will be the dominant colour of the finished article.

Of course, you can also have stripes, or bands that run across the width of the scarf. This is done by having a plain coloured warp and then running weft threads of differing colours across the scarf. Usually the warp thread will be a fairly neutral colour with stronger weft tones creating the stripes.

The other variation in the world of striped scarves is checked scarves, other wise called plaid scarves or tartan scarves. These are simply created by having stripes running in each direction, in other words, through the warp and across the weft. In Tartan scarves and tartan shawls, it is generally the same arrangement of stripes running in each direction which gives a very simple pattern that repeats across the whole surface of the fabric. Whereas many scarves are designed with women in mind striped scarves for men are probably the most common design for them. At York Scarves we have quite a collection of striped scarves. We have silk striped scarves, striped pashminas, men’s striped scarves, viscose striped fashion scarves, linen scarves and pashminas and of course our own unique range of tartan scarves and pashminas. People often use the word timeless to describe something, but striped scarves are definitely timeless. If you are a retailer and want to become a stockiest of our fantastic range of scarves why not fill in the wholesale enquiry form at the foot of the page and we will get back to you.


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