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Unique range of fair trade fashion scarves for women including pashminas, wraps and stoles.

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Womens Silk Scarf YSD15
YSD15/2|Bespoke Digitally Printed Silk Scarves Stoles UK
YSD15/1|Small Pure Silk Scarf Wholesale England

from £29.95
Ikat Weave Scarf
Cerise| Tribal Style Scarf Fairtrade Wholesale
Red| Ikat Weave Neck Scarves Wholesale UK Ireland
Purple| Ikate Tribal Scarves Wholesale Ethically Made

from £13.95
Polka Dot Scarf
Misty Blue| Wolesale Polka Dot Scarves Fair Trade UK
Umber| Amber Polka Dot Scarf Wholesale U.K.
Pink| Pink Polka Dot Scarves Wholesale
Aqua| Aqua Coloured Polka Dot Scarf Wholesale USA
Malibu| Cotton Scarves Wholesale Fair Trade UK
Peach| Peach Fashon Scarf Wholesale USA UK Europe
Mellow Yellow| Yellow Olka Dot Scarves Wholesale UK
White Black
Navy| Navy Polka Dot Scarf Wholesale Worldwide
Pewter | Grey Polka Dot Scarf For Women
Light Blue | Light Blue Polka Dot Scarf Cotton UK

from £14.95
Striped Scarf For Ladies
Marine|Striped Scarves Wholesale Australia America
Mocha|Striped Wholesale Scrf Brown Tassels Stole Pashmina
Rust|Fair Trade Scarf Wholesaler Striped Printed Handmade
Limeade|Striped Scarves Wholesale Fair Trade UK Europe

from £12.95
Pom Pom Scarf
YSD11/1|Soft Cotton Scarf Stole Wholesale Pom Pom Tassels
YSD11/2|Blue Cotton Scarves Wholesale Digital Print Summer

from £22.95
Modal Pashmina Shawl YSD13
YSD13/1|Blue Printed Pashmina Wholesale Fair Trade UK
YSD13/2|Colourful Printed Pashmina Wholesale
YSD13/3|Butterfly Print Pashmina Wholesale Summer
YSD13/4|Orange And Cerise Pashmina Wholesale Scarf Wrap Uk Supplier

from £29.95
Silk Blend Winter Scarf
Grey|Grey Wholesale Winter Scarves UK
Navy|Winter Wholesale Scarves UK
Maroon|Scarf Suppliers UK|BAFTS Scarf Supplier

from £14.95
Wool Blend Striped Scarf YS351
Multi|Wholesale Wool Striped Scarf UK
Autumn|Fairtrade Winter Scarves Wholesale UK

from £22.95
Star Design Scarf Pure Cotton
Black| Black Wholesale Star Print Scarf Cotton
Bright Red| Red Star Print Scarf Wholesale
Navy| Navy Cotton Star Print Scarves Wholesale

from £14.95
Linen Mix Summer Scarf
Dark Olive| Linen Fashion Scarf Wholesale
Black and White| Wholesale Linen and Cotton Scarf

from £12.95
Owl Scarf

from £12.95
Handmade Womens Fashion Scarf

from £9.95
Cat Scarf
Khaki| Printed Fair Trade Scarves Wholesale
Soft pink| Cat Scarf Printed Wholesale UK
Navy| Navy Colour Cat Scarf Cotton Wholesale Fair Trade

from £14.95
Cotton Dog Scarf
Sage| Dog Print Scarves Wholesale
Rust| Red Dog Print Scarf Wholesale | Fair Trade Scarves
Navy| Navy Dog Print Scarf Wholesale

from £14.95
Wholesale Print Scarf
Rust| Fair Trade Wholesale Fashion Scarves UK
Navy| Wholesale Printed Scarf Navy
Coral| Printed Fair Trade Scaves Supplier

from £14.95
Leaf Print Scarf
Ivory| Wholesale Leaf Print Scarf
Blue Grey| Leaf Scarf Wholesale Cotton

from £12.95
Bird On A  Branch BOGOF

from £7.95
YS1315 Horse print scarf

from £17.95
Multicolour Summer Scarf

Pure Linen Scarf


from £20.00
Gecko Print Scarf BOGOF
Inky Blue| Deep Blue Fashion Scarf Wholesale
Claret| Lizard Print Scarves Wholesale

from £9.95

There are many ways of incorporating a pattern with a scarf and here you will find a wide variety of fair trade women’s scarves made using various fabrics and techniques.

One way of applying the design to the finished fabric through printing This can either be by using state of the art digital printing technology, or by screen printing using traditional hand crafts thousands of years old. There are other ancient ways of printing such as block printing, but these are suited best to small scale production.

Digitally printed scarves are relatively new to the market and this technology has opened up a wealth of possibilities. Some of the advantages of this type of printing are that there are no set up costs, as there are with screen printing. Secondly the minimum order for each design is relatively low. We offer a bespoke scarves service with a minimum order of only 25 pieces per design.

Other patterns and designs are actually an integral part of the fabric created by the weave. This can be seen in our Tartan scarves and pashmina where there are lines of colour running through the warp, or length of the scarf and these are interwoven with lines of colour running across the weft, or the width of the scarf. This technique produces a classic checked design.

For a striped design there will be bands of colour running through the warp, or length of the scarf. The stripes might be only a few threads wide or in larger blocks. The colour running across the weft will usually be a single colour throughout the scarf. The weft colour will usually be the same as one of the warp colours.

There are many other woven designs all of which are achieved by the way the warp and the weft thread are interlocked. A few well known styles are Hounds Tooth, Herringbone, Twill and Diamond Twill.

For patterned scarves we also have on offer Ikat scarves. This ancient tribal technique of incorporating a pattern into the fabric is very simple but also time consuming. The pattern is achieved by a technique called resist dying. A bundle of yarns will have a tight binding wrapped around them for a few inches with the next few inches unbound with this pattern of bound and unbound repeated. When the bundle of yarn is soaked in dye the bound areas will resist the dye and remain undyed. Each bundle of yarn will represent an inch or two of the scarf and the numerous bundles which will make up the scarf are arranged on the loom carefully to provide the finished pattern.

Lastly we can add some colour and design to our scarves by simply dying, as in our plain pashminas, or by dip dying as in our range of two tone Thai Silk scarves. There are of course other means of applying dye such as tie dying. The ultimate aim of York Scarves to provide great quality fair trade fashion scarves, pashmina's, neck scarves and shawls at realistic prices. 

For those that are interested we can also get bespoke scarves made using any of the above techniques. The minimum order quantity for digital printing is only 25 pieces per design whilst for other techniques it varies from 100 to 300 pieces. If you are a retailer who wants to sell fair trade scarves, then simply fill in the wholesale enquiry form below and we will get back to you.


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