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Hand made scarves direct from our fair trade suppliers in Bihar, NE India.

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Our handmade scarves for women are created by highly skilled artisans and made without the use of mechanised looms or machinery. Probably the most popular neck scarf for women we sell is our Net Scarf. These are made especially for York Scarves by our partners in Bihar, and makes a truly great handmade gift. They are made from a yarn called flag yarn which is made from pure viscose. The yarn is dyed by hand using a simple technique. A large hank of several hundred metres of yarn is used. One part of the hank is placed on the dying stone and a dye applied to about six inches of the hank. This single section of the hank will consist of several hundred strands of yarn. The hank is then moved, and the next colour is applied to the next 6 inches. If there are more than two colours in the scarf the other colours are also added. Once the hank is dyed it is wound onto a wheel and from there it is pulled off by the woman making the scarf and wound around the nails of the 50 x 180cm wooden frame. The whole scarf is made from one long continuous piece of yarn with it taking about 40 minutes to make each scarf.

These handmade scarves are made by women using only an oblong wooden frame with nails every inch or so around the edge. Many of the poorer households cannot afford to invest is a loom or other bigger pieces of machinery.  Thankfully the minimal outlay needed for four pieces of wood and a box of nails allows people the opportunity to earn an income. You can see a picture of these scarves being made by visiting our gallery

Along with our net scarves we also carry handmade silk scarves for women. These are made on traditional hand looms by our most skilled weavers with each one being a unique masterpiece that you will treasure for years. Most of our handmade silk scarves are made using a raw unprocessed silk yarn. This type of yarn is full of irregularities and gives the fabric a very natural slubby texture which just enhances the handmade look of the product.

Our Thai silk scarves for women are also handmade and hand dyed. This type of silk is a staple of the rural economy of Northern Thailand where old traditional handlooms that have not changed in centuries, are widely used. Silk has many wonderful properties and one of them is its ability to absorb dyes. This allows for the rich, vibrant look we associate with coloured silk scarves. Our Thai Silk Scarves are dip dyed by hand for us by a colleague in Thailand. We have been selling Silk Scarves Wholesale for many years now and have developed our own unique range of colours that you will not find elsewhere.

Silk, like most protein derived yarns, has great qualities of insulation yet does not over heat the wearer, unlike synthetic fabrics. If you want a light weight scarf that will work for you in all climates silk is impossible to beat.

We are also selling pure wool pashminas in a range of subtle tones. These are large blanket scarves which can be worn as a winter scarf for men or women or worn as a pashmina. They also make fantastic travel shawls.


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