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The pashmina has become a classic accessory in recent years. A "Pashmina" is in reality a stole or shawl that is woven from a very fine yarn yarn harvested from the under belly of "pashmina" goats that live at very high alltitudes in the Himalayas. Around about the turn of this century the fashion industry discovered these shawls and they were sold by high end labels across Europe. As demand for this "new" fashion accessory increased shawls made from all sorts of cheaper yarns took on the name of Pashminas. This is briefly how the word pashmina became a generic term for a shawl, or stole.

Our plain wholesale viscose pashminas scarves,YS286 are made exclusively for us by our co-operative in North India and really are great value. The feel and quality of these hand crafted stoles is second to none. Each piece weighs in excess of 8oz and is woven in a traditional twill weave. We guarantee you will not find quality like this elsewhere. Yes you will find cheaper pashminas but that is what you will get, a cheap pashmina. Our wholesale pashmina has a dedicated following because it really is a quality product at a fair price. If you want wedding shawls or wedding pashminas these are absolutely perfect.

Alongside our heavy plain pashminas scarf we also sell cotton pashmina scarves and in more recent times we have added Modal pashminas to our range. So if you want to buy pashmina scarves, wholesale or retail, look no further because York Scarves is one of the premier pashmina suppliers in the UK.