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Pure Thai Silk Scarf

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Dip dyed shaded Silk Scarves.

Our range of silk scarves are dip dyed by hand so that one half of the width is a different shade, or different colour, to the other half. This gives the scarves their own individual charm and means that although they are not patterned they are not completely plain either.

Silk Scarf / Ladies Neck Scarf

Effortlessly elevate your outfit with our silk scarves for women. The silk scarf, or ladies neck scarf, is one of those never-out-of-style accessories that always comes in handy. As a symbol of femininity, the scarf is the ultimate chic fashion accessory oozing sophistication and elegance. As a garment worn for practical purposes, it can also provide the wearer with warmth or keep them cool. As well as being a much-adored fashion accessory they also provide comfort, protection and modesty. Whether one is wearing one as a fashion statement or as a belt, wrist tie or handbag accessory, a silk scarf should be a permanent fixture in every woman’s wardrobe. Exquisite colours and designs make them the ideal finishing touch to your outfit.

A Little History Lesson

Silk has been treasured for thousands of years for it’s wonderful and unique properties with the earliest examples of silk found in Neolithic tombs in South East Asia about 8,500 years ago. The means to make a fabric from the raw thread, according to legend, was first developed in what is now modern day China by Empress Leizu in the 27th century BC. Originally silk was reserved only for use by royalty but slowly over the years a strong demand developed, and as this grew, merchants developed markets in other countries and regions. Nowadays, these beautiful scarves can make wonderful gifts for your friends and family.

Silk has many wonderful properties not least of which is its stunning lustrous sheen making it the perfect material for a luxurious silk scarf, or indeed many other garments of attire. Not only does it look gorgeous, it is light weight, soft and has wonderful properties of insulation. If you are looking for a ladies neck scarf silk is a wonderful option. If you are looking for something bigger, such as a pashmina scarf, don't forget to check out that fantastic range also.

A silk scarf will keep you warm and cosy, whether you’re outdoors or in an office with the air-conditioner blowing directly at you. They can help cure stiffness around the neck from a draught and are useful in maintaining body heat when moving around from one type of environment to another. Because these fabulous accessories are composed of long, smooth, natural fibres tightly woven together, they also help decrease the skin's loss of moisture and are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

How is a Silk Scarf Made?

Silk is made from the cocoons of various insect larvae, but most commonly from the silk moth caterpillar that feeds almost exclusively on the leaves of Mulberry trees. These Mulberry “silkworms” form a cocoon, and these are protected and encased in the basic fibre. It is this fibre which is most suited to making clothing and nearly every silk scarf is made from it.

Farmers raise the cocoons and sell them to manufactureers. The cocoons are then sorted, washed, removed from the water and dried. The silk filaments from the cocoon are unwound and combined to make a thread of raw silk. This is a very delicate stage as the filaments of the cocoon are very fine. The manufacturers combined three to ten strands to produce the correct thickness of thread. Around 2,500 worms are used to make a pound of raw silk. The last step in the process is weaving where the fabric is created by interlacing the yarns with a loom.

Silk Scarf Production: a Potted History

Over the centuries the export of silk created major trade routes stretching from the China into West Asia and ultimately onto Europe. This is how the famous Silk Road was born. In the early years of silk production, the Chinese went to great lengths to keep secret the means of manufacturing and to maintain their monopoly on the business, but secrets are hard to keep and by 200 BC Korea was starting and 350 years later India joined the race. In fact, today India is the biggest consumer of silk in the world, mainly for the saree business, though it is mostly still Chinese silk. More recently we have seen a shift towards other uses for scarves, new styles demand accessories that adapt to our fast-paced lives. These items need to be flexible and keep up with the ever-changing demands of the fashion industry.

There are many other accessories made for the Indian market such as a silk dupatta, men’s wedding attire or a ladies neck scarf. If you travel to India, you will see silk scarves and sarees of every colour in a wide variety of weaving styles. To walk through an Indian Bazaar really is an assault on the senses and one not to be missed. Of course, silk is not just used for clothing but has been used in luxurious soft furnishings for centuries. Because of the time consuming and expensive nature of manufacturing silk it is still today a high-end product commanding a premium price and there is still no substitute for a silk ladies neck scarf.

How we Source a Ladies Silk Neck Scarf

Thailand is also famous for its silk scarf production and this is where York Scarves sources it’s material from. We have a colleague in rural Northern Thailand that sources only the finest silk and hand dyes our scarves to our own bespoke colours. For that special woman a ladies neck scarf makes a great gift and with over 20 colours to choose from there is something from everyone. The silk yarn we use is a raw silk yarn. This means the fibres are extracted from the cocoon and drawn together to form the yarn and this yarn is not processed any further. Raw silk is known for its irregularities which help give the silk scarf that wonderful organic, handmade character. Most of the silk that is used today is heavily processed specifically to remove all the irregularities and give a uniform structure to the finished product.

How to Spot a Fake Silk Scarf

Of course, nowadays there are plenty of fake silk scarves around and these are usually made from polyester but if you really want to check if that ladies neck scarf is the real thing there is one surefire way to find out. Separate a few strands from one of the tassels and burn them with a flame. If it really is a silk scarf you will get that distinctive smell of burnt hair, as you will with any animal derived, protein based fibre. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

On the other hand, if it is a petrochemical based yarn it will give off a thick acrid black smoke, smell horrible and the fibres will shrivel into a black globule. It may be possible to replicate the look of silk, but you won’t replicate the properties. In winter it will keep you warm yet in summer it won’t get over heated. Because of the molecular structure of the fibres they reflect light in the most intense way and the intensity is increased as this natural yarn has the ability to absorb dye like nothing else.

How do you Wash a Silk Scarf?

Silk is a very delicate fabric, and you may feel nervous about washing your silk scarves. However, if you follow a few simple rules then you can keep them looking their best for a long time. Firstly, read the label! Many products will have full washing instructions on their labels including whether they are dry clean only or not. Secondly, you can either wash your scarf for women by hand or by machine. If you choose to wash it in the machine then a mesh washing bag is a good investment to protect it from snagging on other items during the wash. Use a mild detergent to wash the scarfs - never wash with chlorine bleach. When drying your womens scarf, always dry away from direct sunlight and never use a tumble dryer, as the high temperature may destroy it. Silk is a beautiful, luxurious fabric so it’s worth taking a few measures to take care of it.

The Health Benefits of Silk

Silk is known to contain natural cellular albumen, which helps retain moisture in your skin and keeps fine lines at bay. The smooth, tightly-woven fibres of silk help keep moisture close to the skin. According to experts, hydrated skin cells show fewer wrinkles and more luminosity than dehydrated skin cells. People are very rarely allergic to silk as it is free fron irritating chemicals and contains natural substances that ward off various environmental allergens such as mould, mites and fungus.

Scarves can dilate the blood vessels of the muscles surrounding the neck and shoulders. They increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, alleviating aches and pains in the neck and shoulder area, while helping to heal damaged muscles. Its even possible that your hair can benefit from silk. Its moisture-retaining properties can simulate hydration in your hair strands, making your hair as smooth as silk!

My Silk Scarf

Scarves are extremely versatile and, as such, can be worn in a multitude of ways. A beautiful silk scarf can be a key item in a modest wardrobe. Wrapping them close to the neck provides a practical alternative to having to wear a high-necked layer underneath and is especially good during the summertime.

Here are some quotes from fans of silk scarves around the world:

"Tying a ladies neck scarf to a bag is an easy and creative way to customise and bring new life to it."

"Scarves are functional as well as fashionable. They are the ultimate multitaskers and I love drawing attention to their shape-shifting properties."

"Scarves shouldn't be an after thought. I plan my outift around them on a regular basis."

"Unlike shoes and bags, which can gouge a hole in one’s budget, scarves remain a relatively painless investment."

"We live in a world where every purchase has more than one function. Scarves are both style-able and have personality too.”

"They’re so much a part of me that if I forget to wear one, I feel lost all day."

"With so many material choices from silk to wool, scarves can be worn pretty much year round."

Perhaps the most timeless accessory is the scarf. This gorgeous outfit addition is both functional and fashionable, and that is the test of a true fashion staple.

A Scarf for All Seasons

At York Scarves, we have a beautiful collection of silk scarves which are hand made in Thailand. They are as soft and glossy as silk should be, with clear and beautiful colours. We believe that silk is a fabric for every season. It looks elegant and striking as a beautiful accessory both over simple knitwear during the day and elegant evening wear at night. Scarves are one of the most enduring fashion accessories that have never lost their appeal.

There is no denying that when something is made of silk you know it’s going to feel super luxurious and special. It’s just one of those fabrics that oozes elegance and looks expensive so it’s no wonder why people have been wearing silk dating back to ancient civilizations. No other length of fabric provides so many ways to reinvent an outfit and add sparkle to your personality.

Scarves are universal and appeal to all ages. They never go out of fashion and you can never have enough of them. Interestingly, silk scarves are one of few types of scarves that are wearable in the summer months too. The very nature of summer means that your style choices are more limited. There are only so many combinations available. This is where a lightweight scarf comes in. It will add a little something extra to the outfit of women and help you to stand out among the crowds. You don’t have to treat a summer scarf any differently to its heavier winter cousins. Simply allow it to hang around the neck with one end longer than the other, then throw the long end loosely around the neck and let it fall.

Material: 100% Silk

Size: 172 x 35cms plus tassels

Weight: 31gms approx

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