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Published: 28/05/2014

Where did the time go ????

So there I was madly packing scarves over the Christmas period and then a few weeks later it's almost June, and another Christmas on the horizon......Amazing....I guess when you are busy time does seem to hurry a little. We had a great time in India early in the year and ordered more new lines than we have ever done before. It seems from the feedback that we did a good job as well so here's hoping for another great year.

Rather than stick with our core products of cotton and viscose we have spread our wings and invested in some gorgeous silk and pure wool scarves. There is something about silk which cannot be replicated by man, thankfully. We have joined forces with a small studio in Kolkata which specialises in hand painted and hand printed scarves in pure silk. The painting is all free hand and most of the printed designs from them are block printed. We have used old traditional skills to bring some stunning new designs to market.